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Metal Roofs

Every day the roof of a building is the hardest hit by the weather and elements. A building’s roof is subjected to one or more of the following on a constant basis: a direct bombardment of UV rays, rain, wind, snow, hail, and more. The investment you make in your company’s roof is an investment that helps protect your entire building. A metal roof is the best way to secure the investment you’ve made in your property because it outperforms almost any other roofing material.

Furthermore, the warranties for metal roofs are often far in excess of warranties offered for other roofing materials.

You no longer have to only consider asphalt and/or cement based roofing materials for your company’s roof! Metal roofing does not have the disadvantages of those other materials. Unlike asphalt roofing, metal roofing does absorb water and does not pollute our ground water each time it rains. Metal roofing does not require the maintenance that either of the other roofing materials may require. And unlike cement-based materials, metal roofing does not require extra bracing to support the weight of the roof and is not expensive, requiring specialized skills to install.

Metal roofing requires virtually no maintenance and will not crack, perforate, shrink or erode. Metal roofing is also safer for your company, as it will not burn or support combustion. Our customers have also found that metal roofing has, in fact, saved them money on their energy bills because metal roofing reflects the suns rays, reducing cooling costs and saving energy.

When choosing metal roofing, you can rest assured that you have all of the benefits without the disadvantages of conventional roofing methods.