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Choosing the right roofing system starts with choosing the right roofing company.

Trusted throughout the Mid-South , we can provide consultation on the roofing system that is right for your project.

Our Process

Our Step-By-Step Process will take you through a typical day for our Re-Roofing crew. If you’re looking to replace your roof and/or are building a new home, understanding what a typical day is for us will help you understand our attention-to-detail and our meticulous work.

Step By Step

First, a sound structural deck must be in place to support the roof covering. Many times a roof leak occurs due to movement or failure of the roof decking or supports. When replacing an existing roof, it is important to thoroughly inspect the substrate surface for loose nailing, improper joints and connections, or evidence of wood rot or deterioration.

Second, the felt underlayment should be uniform and smooth.

Third in the process is the metal work. Metal drip edge is installed around all perimeter edges. Properly mitered corners and proper lapping is a detail many roofers overlook. We often find backward laps and cut square corners on homes we are called to repair or re-roof. All walls, headwalls and valleys should be metal lined as well.

Fourth, the proper application of shingles requires experience and attention to details. Use of chalk lines to keep courses straight, use of proper starters and cap shingles, installations over valleys, proper number and locations of nails all play a vital part in the integrity of your roof.

Finally, cleaning up and inspecting the work ensures a satisfactory completion for each job


Proper permitting is essential to the roofing process. We handle the entire permitting process for our customers including final inspections, and all necessary paperwork.


We’ve recently launched a very comprehensive, detailed warranty. Together with our manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers good, better and best warranty options and the piece of mind of knowing that their warranty is completely transferable to the new owner of their home if they decide to sell.

Roofing Terms

Here we hope to offer a bit of education on some frequently used terms in the roofing industry. If you can offer us any more than we have here, simply Contact Us and let us know what we could quite possibly be missing!

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