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Modified PVC

Modified Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) membranes have share many characteristics with TPO systems in that they are easy to install, durable and energy efficient. Modified PVC roofing can be installed a variety of ways, including using mechanical fasteners and plates, fully adhered in bonding adhesive or ballasted. In all applications, Modified PVC sheets are overlapped with the seams heat welded, fusing the sheets together, making the roofing system highly resistant to wind and other weather factors. Because of the make-up of Modified PVC, it also is able to withstand hard rains, is fire and chemical resistant. Modified PVC is also very flexible, resisting normal structural movement without cracking or splitting.

Another advantage to Modified PVC and other relective membranes is that they can enhance the performance of solar collector panels. Modified PVC is energy efficient, economical, easy to repair, envionmentally friendly, and durable.